Beginners FAQ

1) Register for a broker’s account.

Our preferred broker is IC Markets. You may signup with them using this link.

2) Read Up and understand what is support and resistance + what is a breakout on or watch videos on youtube.

3) Install Metatrader 4 on your phone

4) When you get signals on the Freedom Revolution Forex Signals app, wait for breakout on that currency pair and you may enter the trade if a breakout happens.

Sign up for our premium package which comes with the following:

One on one lessons via live webinars

Lessons conducted at your preferred schedule

Lifetime support and coaching

Lifetime access to our Dash4Cash auto-trading software

Lifetime access to our inner circle chat group where students and mentors trade together privately.

No. Signals subscription and Premium package are sold separately as they are different products.

Premium subscribers will be given an auto-hedging software which they can run on their vps. The software running on the vps will automatically manage risk on trades taken using a mobile phone. This unlocks a higher level of profitability and risk management with very little effort.

Forex Signals FAQ

It is a notification that keeps you updated of current market direction and movements.

It happens when the markets are ranging (moving sideways) or when markets change its short-term direction suddenly.

It would depend on how active the markets are. It may range from 5 to 20 signals per day. Note: markets control the signals but signals don’t control the markets.

They are sent via Push Notifications.

Approximately 3 secs on a good mobile network connection and device

No. You have to login to our website to make payment and extend your subscription manually.

No. If you do so, the notifications will stop and you will be banned. We made it this way so that people can’t share accounts.

No. It is a feature exclusively available to paid subscribers.

No! You should not even be trading forex if you are low on finance. Forex should only be traded when you have disposable income that you are willing to risk and wouldn’t mind if in the worst case you lose it all.

No. You need to have basic forex knowledge of support and resistance + breakouts. If trading blindly worked, everybody in the world would be a millionaire.

The percentage cannot be fixed as it depends on market conditions. There are good days and bad days. If you practice good risk management, patience and discipline, you should potentially be able to see gains.

Signals are triggered by our forex software that scans the markets’ movement in real-time.

Our recommended lot sizes is maximum of 0.01 for every $100 balance in your account so if you have $1000 in your account, the maximum lot size should not exceed 0.10 and if you are planning to take multiple trades, you should divide the max recommended lot size by the number of trade that you are going to take.

Stick to the same lot size for 2 to 3 weeks. Increasing the lot size too soon can affect the risk:reward ratio drastically.

It doesn’t hurt to take a break for a day or two because having no trades for the day is better than ending the day with losses.

You are not wrong to do so but to get the best results, we personally use the strategy in the tutorials section of this app.

Yes. However if your trade is in profit and you want to maximise profits, you can hold it till heiken ashi candles closes with an opposite colour.

Our preferred broker is IC Markets. You may signup with them using this link.