I’m new to forex. What do I need to get started? 

  1. Register for a broker’s account.
  2. Our preferred broker is IC Markets. You may signup with them using this link https://www.icmarkets.com/?camp=11706
  3. Install Metatrader 4 app on your phone
  4. Log In to the app using the demo or live account log in details that you got from the broker via email
  5. Read Up and understand what is support and resistance + what is a breakout online or watch videos on youtube.

🔵Can I invest in your company?

No. We are are forex software company that creates tools and algorithms to improve the trader’s experience. Freedom Revolution Trading is not licensed to accept investments or offer financial advice.

🔵How much money should I start with?

You should only trade with disposable income which you can afford to risk losing if things don’t go according to plan.

🔵Does your company offer copytrading services?


🔵What is a Forex Signal?

It is a notification that keeps you updated of current market direction and movements.

🔵When does a signal fail?

It happens when the markets are ranging (moving sideways) or when markets change its short-term direction suddenly.

🔵How many signals will I get in a day? 

It would depend on how active the markets are. It may range from 5 to 20 signals per day. Note: markets control the signals but signals don’t control the markets.
🔵How can I cherry pick setups that has a higher probability to go into profits?

You can view some of the methods that we use in the tutorial section our app but follow at your own risk.

🔵Can I take Signals during Asian sessions or during news?

It is not advisable to do so. 

🔵How do these signals get sent to the app?

They are sent via Push Notifications.

🔵Can I login to the app using more than 1 device?

No. If you do so, the notifications will stop. We made it this way so that people can’t share accounts.

🔵Can I trade the signals blindly?

No. You need to have basic forex knowledge of support and resistance + breakouts. If trading blindly worked, everybody in the world would be a millionaire. 

🔵What is the accuracy of your signals? 

The percentage cannot be fixed as it depends on market conditions. There are good days and bad days. If you practice good risk management, patience and discipline, you should potentially be able to see gains.

🔵Where does these signals come from?

Signals are triggered by our forex software that scans the markets’ movement in realtime. 

🔵Is there a subscription fee for Signals?

Yes. US$100 Per Month.

🔵I need more guidance and mentoring to improve my results. What should I do? 

Sign up for our premium package which comes with the following: 

🔵Is premium package inclusive of signals subscription?

No. Signals subscription and Premium package are sold separately as they are different products.

🔵What advantage will premium students have when they subscribe to the signals?

Premium subscribers will be given an auto-hedging software which they can run on their vps. The software running on the vps will automatically manage risk on trades taken using a mobile phone. This unlocks a higher level of profitability and risk management with very little effort. 

🔵What else do I get if I sign up for the Premium Package?

  • ✅Free Lifetime Access To Dash4Cash and Dash4Scalp autotrading and risk managment softwares.
  • ✅Lifetime Support from our Professional Mentor
  • ✅Lifetime Access To Our Community of Traders that trades together in our Premium Chat Group
  • ✅A One-On-One Course with our Professional Mentor conducted live online. The Course teaches you how to use our tools effectively
  • ✅Lessons Conducted online at your preferred schedule.

🔵How much does the Premium Package cost?

A one time payment of US$3000