About Us

Freedom Revolution Trading (FRT) has created many successful manual-forex-traders over the years. FRT has imparted the relevant skills to our students with an effective trading strategy which has proven to generate good profits. As our students successfully started to generate a passive income and living their dreams, they gradually turn into FRT’s living testimonies.

Freedom Revolution Trading seeks to empower the individual from any walk of life, with simple, humble, tried and tested skills and strategies, to become profitable traders, making maximum profit with minimum risk. Our friendly FRT family welcomes and supports anyone reading this, who has the sincere and honest desire to be successful and is willing to work hard for it.

Products & Services

Our Journey

As we continue trading over the years, we noticed a prevalent issue which affects most of our students. TIME CONSTRAINT. FRT students (especially working adults) are unable to allocate adequate time to trade Forex and monitor charts. It became our goal to resolve this issue.

Initially, we were not convinced on the effectiveness of any software or automated trading tools because it lacked the ability to imitate a human’s behaviour when trading Forex. But that did not stop us from consulting and engaging some of the top software developers/ programmers in the industry to develop a trading platform that could imitate our trading behaviours and implementing FRT’s strategy.  Every software developed was a failure as it was unable to execute the FRT strategy effectively and we were certain that we have wasted 3 years of effort and money. Therefore, we continued trading Forex manually and successfully….

Till we met a programmer armed with a PHD in Computer Science and years of experience in developing APIs and softwares to be implemented on well known casinos’ platforms. He has a unique ability where he can write codes for any type of logic with given parameters and automate it to mimic a human’s trading behaviour. We engaged him to write programming codes for the entire FRT’s strategy with all the trading logics & rationalities and have them planted it into a software. This software is programmed to manage the Forex trades exactly how any FRT students would manually trade. We decided to work together to complete this software and conduct various tests before releasing it to our students. After months of conducting tests for every Forex pairs on various scenarios, eliminating the bugs and possible glitches, the software was tuned to perform at its optimum and is finally ready for a launch.

Course Details

  • Lesson 1:
    -Introduction to Forex and understanding Market Structure
  • Lesson 2:
    -Identifying ‘Sniper Entry Setups’ which will be automatically traded by our Dash4Cash System
  • Lesson 3:
    -Understanding the Dash4Cash Strategy
  • Lesson 4:
    -Understanding the Dash4Cash Strategy
  • Lesson 5:
    -Dash4Cash Software tutorial and Setup.

Duration of each lesson is approximately 2.5 hours. Lessons will be conducted online via webinar so students can access from anywhere in the world. When the course is over, students will get lifetime support via Telegram Messenger where we work together as a team.

  • Course fee: US$3000
  • Free 6 months of Uninterrupted access to Dash4Cash System
  • Lifetime Support
  • Previous Batch Students are welcome to join every new batch for refreshers via live webinar for free (unlimited access)
  • Ability to access online classes via phone or your computer from anywhere in the world.

Installment Plans

Latest Update: We have received overwhelming response for our new Dash4cash system. We have also received msgs from students that really wants to join our course but just cant afford to pay the entire course fee at one go. We will not be reducing the course fee because of the value and the level of profitability that you can achieve from our products and services. However, we hear you and we are here to help. We are introducing a 3 months installment plan for those that want to join. This will be purely based on trust because we believe that when we do good for others, good things comes our way.

Installment scheme will be as such

1st Payment: US$1000 before course begins
2nd Payment: US$1000 on the 1st week of 2nd month
3rd Payment: US$1000 on the 1st week of 3rd month.

Breaking the fee down into 3 months will give you more flexibility to spread your finances evenly.

P.s. Take note that in the event that a student fails to make payment, we will deactivate their Dash4Cash trading system remotely till payment is made. This keeps both the consumer and merchant safe.