About Us

Freedom Revolution Trading (FRT) has created many successful manual-forex-traders over the years. FRT has imparted the relevant skills to our students with an effective trading strategy which has proven to generate good profits. As our students successfully started to generate a passive income and living their dreams, they gradually turn into FRT’s living testimonies.

Challenges Traders Face

As we continue trading over the years, we noticed a prevalent issue which affects most of our students. TIME CONSTRAINT. FRT students (especially working adults) are unable to allocate adequate time to trade Forex and monitor charts. It became our goal to resolve this issue.


After years of work and conducting tests for every currency pair and on all types of harsh market conditions, Freedom Revolution Trading finally launched our automated Forex trading system known as Dash4Cash. Users will only have to spend an hour on weekends to setup their charts based on our strategy and the software will manage the rest throughout the week. It will automatically execute all the manual trading steps that you learn during our Forex lessons. You do not have to spend all day looking at your charts or worry about missing an opportunity while you are busy or sleeping. Dash4Cash has also been equipped with many safety net features that will protect your account balance. It is programmed to maximise profits and when a trade goes against you, it will get out of the trade immediately with minimum damage. Our software is highly focused on maintaining a very healthy risk:reward ratio so no matter how bad the market conditions can get, you will never have to worry about losing all your capital.

Automated Forex Trading Lessons

In a nutshell, from here onward, our students will only spend an hour on their charts per week using Dash4Cash software to generate their monthly passive income. Awesome isnt it? Now most automated system fails because the users are not trained to use them. The good news is that our Forex trading software comes together with 5 lessons that are conducted online via live webinar. During the webinar, we will teach you everything that you need to know about the markets and how to use the software effectively to generate profits. During the webinar, we will also assist to setup a VPS and everything else that you will need to get started with Dash4Cash. We will begin from scratch so even if you are an absolute newbie that have no idea about Forex trading, by then end of the 5 lessons, you will be able to use the Dash4Cash auto-trading software independently.

Customized Schedule For One on One Lessons

We have been receiving overwhelming response from people all over the world and we understand that many of them live in different timezone. To tackle that issue, we give you the freedom to customize your one on one course schedule that meets your preference. Dash4Cash Automated Forex Trading Course consists of 5 lessons. Duration of each lesson is approximately 2.5 hours. Lessons are conducted online via live webinar so students can learn from anywhere in the world. All lessons are conducted one on one to maximize our attention on every individual.

Lifetime Support

When the course is over, students will get lifetime support for Dash4Cash via Telegram Messenger where all our subscribers from all over the world trade together. We also offer unlimited live webinar sessions for free if our members need additional one on one coaching after the 5 lessons. We do not abandon our members once the course is over. We guide them throughout their entire journey with us. You can access our live webinars via phone or your computer from anywhere in the world.

Course Price

You get to purchase knowledge that can generate unlimited income for a lifetime for a promotional price of US$3000. You will also get access to use our Dash4Cash system that will do the trading for you while you sleep. You will get access to trade together with our dream team in our group chat. This small investment will unlock your ability to acheive consistent passive income on a monthly basis.

Learn While Paying

We have received feedback from potential students that they really want to join our course but they just cant afford to pay the entire course fee at one go so we are introducing a 3 months installment plan. You can spread your payment over a period of 3 months and can start your lessons as soon as you have made the first payment. The Dash4Cash Autotrading System will be made available to you upon payment of the final installment.

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